Keeping your Pocket list clean with pocketcleaner and AWS Lambda

Over the last years my Pocket reading queue got longer and longer. It actually dated back to stuff from 2013. Over the time a realized I would never ever be able to keep up with it again.

Some days ago I found out that Daniel (mrtazz) developed a nice tool named pocketcleaner which archives too old Pocket entries. I thought “Hey great, that’s one solution to my problem, but how to execute it?”. People who know me might already have an idea :) I don’t like servers in terms infrastructure that I have to maintain. So I thought AWS Lambda to the rescue!

And here it is: An Ansible playbook which setups a Lambda function which downloads, configures and executes the Go binary. It can be triggered by a AWS event timer. No servers, just a few cents per month (maximum!) for AWS traffic and Lambda execution costs.

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